Les Wynn:
Looks great! Carolynn Bogan:
Mary..First I'm happy to get to know you, even if it's by e-mail. Second I sure like your male *Rico* Thank you for letting him become a part of my life.
Linda Whitsitt:
Hi - nice website -
keep it up! Kathy:
Great dogs! Petie's Mom:
Why would you want to get a Shorthair or a Pointer from anywhere else? This is THE place! Our favorite was always Zelda and then Carl! Love Ya! Lynne Middlestead:
Bill Simer:
Jim and Peg Buckley:
Great dogs! Derek is our favorite zach schroeder:
hey, nice dogs,like the pointers! Sue Harris:
Some lovely dogs and some lovely wins, well done!
Thank you for visiting our own site, but I was spooked by 'Sunni', she could so easily be one of ours, and when I saw the pedigree, I was amazed - did you know we have Starlite's Greif V Kazia behind our Post Not Active Erica Crissinger:
My aunt sent me this page to look at the puppies. We own a GSP and my family does too. Jim & Tammy Hanson:
Tracy Landauer:
What gorgeous animals! :) from your GSP rescue colleague in southern Idaho Mike Wallace:
Very nice Website Ashley Rowley:
Looking for a male puppy
kathy siler:
great web site Matthew Berryhill:
great site! Julie Lahr:
Thanks for sending the crate back!:0 Hope Rico is doing good. Kara & Clayton Hinkley:
nice website so far, I love pointers adn GSP''s! Debbie Groshong:
I am researching pedigrees for my GSP bitch.  She is only 18 months old but I am starting early.  She is by Stradavarius Silvertip out of CH Ridgeview Farms Fergi JH  Wish you had larger pictures. kent madcke:
great dogs Bill Myllykangas:
Paul from Sauk Rapids told me about you and gave me your email address.  I'm looking to add another German Shorthair Pointer to my kennel.  We just put down my 11 yr. old hunting partner. Adam Humphers:
looks like your shorthairs have some great lines behind them, keep up the great work and strive to keep the breed going strong! Post Not Active Don Kern:
I have Lucy's sister, formerly Mulan, who is now Maggie...she is 5.5 and is a great hunting partner and family protector.  When is Lucy going to produce, I would like to add another girl to the family and hunting fleet. We get a lot of compliments regardi The Greemans:
Carrie Carlson:
Nice website! Thanks for being a great obedience teacher for Harley & me (you know, the GOLDEN... :)! Jerry & Mary Milligan:
owned by Sam Amy:
Nice website, nice dogs! Chris:
We have an amazing boy 'Ace' out of Ringo and Mia's litter. He everything and more what we hoped for. Thank you Mary and Kitty! Bob &  Dawn:
We are the proud owners of Jethro since January 26/08(formally known as X-Man from the X Litter) check out Jethro's blog page below.  Great people to deal with & great dogs! Gary & Nicole Daniel:
Thanks again for everything Mary Xiomar(Bandit)is a wonderful puppy we will do are best to make you proud and working on his dual championship Craig LeBleu:
Hopefully, My wife and I will be visiting you in May 2009! arno:
i love your puppies they look great do you know the export cost to south africa Post Not Active Post Not Active Jeanne:
love your web site! Post Not Active Post Not Active
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